Carlile’s Alaskan Trucking Services

Carlile’s Alaskan Trucking Services understands how to overcome Alaska’s extreme conditions, creating solutions that satisfy demanding schedules with unparalleled service for the long haul. Whether you need to ship a package from Florida to Anchorage or a trailer of fuel from Houston to Fairbanks or need to send cargo southbound from Alaska to the lower 48, Carlile has the transportation and logistics solutions for your needs.

  • We offer over the road transportation and shipping to Alaska
  • DOT-certified in all 9 classes of bulk and non-bulk cargo
  • Over 40 years moving and shipping hazardous materials to extreme locations
  • Operations Support Center provides continuous communication and shipment monitoring to keep packages and cargo safe
  • Our Alaskan shipping experts are trained for hazmat, bulk fuels munitions and other hazardous loads with tracking
  • The best equipment, planning, and 24/7 security for safe arrivals at our Alaskan or lower-48 terminals
  • The largest variety of trailers and equipment in Alaska
  • Ability to custom-fabricate equipment for unique moves to Alaska
  • On-off dock service in Tacoma, Washington
  • Heavy haul shipping from North Slope, Alaska to Canada and the United States
  • Rail load and rail offload capability
  • Winch trucks available
  • Optimized container loads
  • Our Alaska shipping and trucking services are a fully integrated transportation and logistics team
  • Dry and refrigerated goods between Alaska, the contiguous U.S. and Canada


LTL Freight

To Alaska

Carlile Transportation is an
expert in shipping LTL to
and from Alaska.


To Alaska

Local, state and federal
agencies turn to Carlile
for DOD moves.
Truck with trailer carry hazzardous material

Hazmat & Bulk

To Alaska

Carlile’s track record for
Bulk and Hazmat cargo
is second to none.

Heavy Haul

To Alaska

Carlile has Heavy Haul
Equipment and is ready
to deliver.
Truck with trailer carry hazzardous material


To Alaska

Carlile has the logistics
expertise to deliver
seamless solutions.


To Alaska

A small package, consumer
shipping solution for those
hard to ship items.
Carlile Transportation

Carlile is a trucking and logistics company that’s proudly Alaskan. Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, we seek people who share our values and take pride in being professional. We value safety, reliability, dedication to our organization, and industry-leading innovation. We look for pride, integrity, grit, and approachability. If you’re looking for a long-term career on the road or in the office – this is a unique place to build one.

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